Co-teaching Models: One Teach, One Collect Data

A frequently used co-teaching model is “One Teach, One Support” or, by another name, “One Teach, One Observe.” This is one of several effective ways to co-teach that allows for flexibility in teaching methods: it can help teachers learn to work together smoothly as they observe each other’s teaching styles; teachers can switch quickly between the teacher and support/observer roles; and they can transition quickly into the next chunk of the class period, such as moving from direct instruction to student implementation.

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Co-teaching models: Chunking Lessons with Station Teaching

In a class with students at different levels, the traditional model of station teaching is one way to do it, where you split the class into two different activities to learn the same standards. But co-teachers can also individualize while doing station teaching, or mix other co-teaching models like “one teach, one support.” You can do this when chunking lessons.

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