Effective Strategies for Implementing Flexible Grouping in Your Classroom

Flexible grouping is a great way to utilize both teachers in a co-teaching classroom.

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  • ThreeColumnNotePaper

Promote Critical Thinking: A 3-column Note Taking Strategy

Many teachers use a two-column note taking strategy when giving notes to students. However, a colleague of mine takes this up a level by adding an additional column. That third column is used for test [...]

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  • Goal setting form for motivating students

Goal Setting: A Proven Strategy for Motivating Students

Goal setting is a planning process for empowering and motivating students to take control of their progress and work toward something in which they are invested.

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Decision Making Strategy: Problem Solving Flowchart

I started using this problem solving strategy with students to help them see that there were positive and negative consequences to any solution they presented to a problem they were experiencing. Originally, it was used [...]

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How to Build Rapport and Deliver Your Message

Whether teaching in a classroom or speaking in a business environment, making a connection with your audience to establish rapport is critical to your success in delivering your message. As we know, relationship and rapport can make the difference between your audience tuning you out, or embracing your message.

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