Even MORE Cool Classroom Storage Ideas

During a recent round of seminars, a couple of participants left me with some new classroom storage ideas for keeping things organized in their classrooms. Olivia Valencic uses a small tackle box to store markers, [...]

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Reciprocal Teaching – A Strategy to Improve Reading Comprehension

Studies have proven that reciprocal teaching greatly influences student comprehension skills.

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Overcome Writer’s Block With This Productivity Strategy

A few years ago, I looked up from my computer and saw my husband standing at my office door with a look of intense frustration and angst on his face. He appeared as if he [...]

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  • Talk Like a Robot for Speech to Text to Work

Speech to Text: What’s the Benefit for Writers Whether Students or Adults?

Speech to Text is a tool for people who struggle to write. For some people, speech to text does not work because of poor enunciation. Here's a solution.

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  • Content Area Reading

Tips to Improve Reading Comprehension

Research shows that teaching each other, or peer teaching, is one of the most powerful ways to learn. After teaching for seven to ten minutes, give students one to three minutes to share with each other. Talking it out with a partner lets students correct misconceptions and reinforces the material by keeping it in working memory long enough to make an impact.

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