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Co-teaching and Collaboration in the Classroom

Co-teaching and Collaboration in the ClassroomFind strategies to work through personality differences between educators that can obstruct successful collaboration. Learn how to set up Fitzell Acceleration Centers© that address the needs of a variety of students without singling out one particular group.

Never heard of a Fitzell Acceleration Center? Follow explicit instructions on how to set up one in your classroom, and then begin implementation by engaging students in flexible grouping. The result will be a more motivated, accomplished, and well-behaved class. It also utilizes the talents of the co-teachers so students who require more one-on-one instruction receive it.

This edition includes the benefits and challenges of each co-teaching model as well as how to choose which model to use. There are suggestions on how to incorporate differentiated instruction into the co-teach model. Many record-keeping chart templates are provided along with helpful follow-up questions to activities and conflict resolution scripts.

The goal of any co-teaching situation is to reach more student learning styles, and this book succeeds at offering practical options for doing so.

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