• ThreeColumnNotePaper

Promote Critical Thinking: A 3-column Note Taking Strategy

Many teachers use a two-column note taking strategy when giving notes to students. However, a colleague of mine takes this up a level by adding an additional column. That third column is used for test [...]

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  • Goal setting form for motivating students

Goal Setting: A Proven Strategy for Motivating Students

Goal setting is a planning process for empowering and motivating students to take control of their progress and work toward something in which they are invested.

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Decision Making Strategy: Problem Solving Flowchart

I started using this problem solving strategy with students to help them see that there were positive and negative consequences to any solution they presented to a problem they were experiencing. Originally, it was used [...]

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Collaborative Roles in the Classroom

Given the magnitude of demands placed on classroom teachers today, they can become overwhelmed with the task of trying to meet the needs of a heterogeneously grouped co-taught classroom.

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  • Talk Like a Robot for Speech to Text to Work

Speech to Text: What’s the Benefit for Writers Whether Students or Adults?

Speech to Text is a tool for people who struggle to write. For some people, speech to text does not work because of poor enunciation. Here's a solution.

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