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Best Practice: Establish a “No Putdown Rule” in Your Classroom

Sarcasm and putdowns are at best a risky source of humor in the classroom. Even if it never turns to blows, it could unwittingly cause hurt feelings or confuse students who have difficulty reading and interpreting social cues. Given a teacher’s inability to know how each student will react to sarcastic humor, a “no putdown” rule can save a lot of heartache and, at the same time, create the foundation for a caring inclusive classroom community.

The Pros and Cons of Team Teaching

It can be fun when you have reached the level where you can truly team teach. You play off one another, team with one another, and support each other. It can be amazing to watch an expert team managing the behavior and the instruction and the activities all at once. When the two teachers really jell, and they both know the subject well, team teaching is something to behold.

Co-Teachers Supporting Each Other

A pair of experienced, successful co-teachers is like a finely tuned machine – every piece works together smoothly and the teachers support each other in everything they do. Discover twelve ways teachers can support each other in a co-teaching classroom.

Co-Teachers Supporting Each Other

Co-teaching is often used as a way to support students; whether it’s a special education teacher working in a general […]

12 Surefire Ways to Co-Teach Successfully!

Learn how to be flexible, identify and focus on each co-teacher’s strengths.