Articles about Successful Co-teaching

Yes! Teachers Make a Difference for Youth!

When you get discouraged in your attempts to help your students, to reach them with your message, remember that one person in your life that made a difference for you. One person CAN make a difference. That person is you. You only need to believe you CAN.

The Shocking Truth About Educational Labels and How To Teach All Students!

At the heart of all the theories, ideas, and different labels; regardless of the vernacular, what we’re really talking about is adjusting our teaching to respect the way our students learn. It’s about employing strategies that have been proven to work, and adjusting the way we offer learning, based upon the feedback we receive from constant progress monitoring. Ultimately, it is about applying What I like to refer to as Really Terrific Instruction.

Use Online Technology to Support Auditory Learners in Your Classroom

As a special education teacher, I always struggled with having to read tests aloud to multiple students at the same time. I would run into some students who would be ahead of me, some behind, and sometimes we wouldn’t even get the test done in a single class period.

Using Picture Books as a Secondary Reading Intervention

Picture books can be a great reading intervention at any age or education level.

Angry teens need proactive classroom management

Tools for Teenagers: Mindfulness in Classroom Management

In too many school settings, students hear constant commands from teachers and administrators: “sit down, be quiet, sit still, pay attention, stay awake, control yourself.” While these commands are used to create order and discipline, how often are students actually given the tools and training to truly understand how to comply?