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Proven Tips, Tools and Strategies To Teach English Language Learners, Part. 1

Here are some strategies that will be helpful in supporting the ELL (English Language Learners) students in your classroom, starting first with some broad guidelines for working with ELL students and then offering some targeted instructional strategies to improve reading, writing. and comprehension skills.

Co-teaching? Consider Flexibility as a Co-teaching Strategy

In essence, if you and your co-teacher can come up with some kind of a flexible plan that would meet the requirements of kids with an IEP and, at the same time, meet the requirements of the regular education kids, you’re going to have an easier time making it happen in your classroom.

Does Co-teaching Work?

Well, here’s the nitty-gritty: No matter what the research says, the label is often wrong. What I mean by that is: School districts who put two teachers in an ‘inclusive’ classroom can CALL it co-teaching, yet, it may not be CO-teaching at all. And, if it is called co-teaching on paper simply because two bodies are in the room and it doesn’t work, it’s decided that Co-teaching does not work. Read the article for what does work.

Cheerful classmates posing in classroom

Efficiently Rearrange the Classroom for Cooperative Learning

Here’s a strategy for rearranging the classroom for various groupings as well as an exercise for the students to expend energy and learn how to work quickly and quietly:

Check Your Ego at the Door: Advice for Co-teaching

Simple – the math teacher understood the math at a deeper level. In this case, she was able to present the math concept in ways that the special education teacher didn’t know because that was her area of expertise. She came up with four or five different approaches to teach the concept while the special educator was able to teach the larger group in the way that the teacher’s manual presented it. While that was fine for the main body of students who were at grade level, it didn’t work for the ones who were struggling.