Articles about Successful Co-teaching

12 Surefire Ways to Remember Vocabulary

Turn students into vocabulary word detectives! Change a few pictures on the word wall every day and offer prizes, like extra points or grab bag tickets, to the students who find the changes. Every day, they’ll rush in to find what’s changed and they’ll be actively engaged with reviewing the words on a daily basis.

12 Surefire Ways to Focus Your Class and Increase Learning

When faced with students having difficulty focusing, what can educators do? Here’s a list of 12 surefire ways to focus your class and increase learning.

Ten Ways to Get Planning Time with Your Co-Teachers, Paras, or Team!

In order for collaboration to be effective, you need time to plan together. If you don’t have the time to discuss plans, review upcoming tests, consider recommended modifications and implementation of I.E.P. goals, it will be difficult if not impossible to have a successful inclusive classroom.

12 Do-Able Homework Assignments for All Students

1. Have students create a cognitive map
2. Assign each student five vocabulary words and ask them to make a visual flash card for each word….

Teaching Emotions in the Classroom

Children may not have the word for what they are feeling, but they may recognize the emotion in the expression on a child’s face. Ask children to point to the face that best expresses their own feeling. Give them the label for that feeling, using it as a springboard for discussion.