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Angry teens need proactive classroom management

Tools for Teenagers: Mindfulness in Classroom Management

In too many school settings, students hear constant commands from teachers and administrators: “sit down, be quiet, sit still, pay attention, stay awake, control yourself.” While these commands are used to create order and discipline, how often are students actually given the tools and training to truly understand how to comply?

Co-teaching being done well

Should Co-teaching be Voluntary?

Some teachers and school administrators believe that co-teaching should be voluntary.  We have learned that, when a new co-teaching initiative begins in a district, it is best to start small and with teachers who are willing to experiment, if possible. By using this approach, a school can work out any major issues before implementing the co-teaching initiative school or district-wide.

Three Affordable Ways to Get Individualized Professional Development and Learn Valuable Teaching Strategies

Who Else Wants to Get Individualized Professional Development and Learn Valuable Teaching Strategies to Meet State Licensing Goals? Like many […]

Clever Organization Ideas for Teachers

Clever Organization Ideas for Teachers

These Organization Ideas for Teachers are fabulous. I’m an organizing nut. My favorite store is not a clothing store, or a shoe store. My favorite store is the Container Store. And, I LOVE novel ways to repurpose items to create practical and inexpensive organizers for the home or classroom. This article shares so many new ideas that I’ve not seen anywhere before. Check it out! These are great.

top 8 mistakes to effective lecture

Top 8 Mistakes That Doom Effective Lecture Delivery

If you are going to direct teach, sometimes still referred to as lecture, one of the best ways to do it well is to identify the mistakes made during ineffective lectures and steer clear of them. Here is a list of the top eight mistakes that can keep you from an effective lecture delivery.