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Technology in Education – Apps for Notetaking & Writing

Whether Students can Write or Not! Some learners are naturally good at taking notes. Yet, some students just can’t seem […]

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Technology in Education – Content Curation for Higher-Level Critical Thinking

Is “collecting” information a worthwhile endeavor during valuable classroom time? It seems the answer to that question lies in a teacher’s ability to discern exactly what type of curation meets the educational objectives of the lesson. We have to look at the process of implementing technology in education as a value added activity that goes beyond collecting and classifying information under certain themes or topics.

Technology in Education – Organizing Research and Digital Files with Evernote

When we look at Evernote from a “technology in education” standpoint, there are many ways this tool can be useful. One can browse the web and find an interesting website that relates to research being done for an article or paper then click on the plug-in icon in the browser that will send that webpage directly to the file folder of choice in Evernote.

Teaching the Difference Between Tattling and Reporting

Student learning time increases when children understand the difference between tattling and reporting. Yet, children’s observations can help teachers know what is happening when they are not present or when their attention is elsewhere. Allowing students an opportunity to share their serious concerns is a necessary component of a positive school environment.

Teaching Emotions in the Classroom

Teaching children emotional vocabulary is a key part of conflict education at a young age.