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Talk Like a Robot for Speech to Text to Work

Speech-to-Text As a Solution for Getting Great Ideas On Paper

Speech to Text is a tool for people who struggle to write. For some people, speech to text does not work because of poor enunciation. Here’s a solution.

Fritz Bell

Yes! Teachers Make a Difference for Youth!

When you get discouraged in your attempts to help your students, to reach them with your message, remember that one person in your life that made a difference for you. One person CAN make a difference. That person is you. You only need to believe you CAN.

Clever Organization Ideas for Teachers

Clever Organization Ideas for Teachers

These Organization Ideas for Teachers are fabulous. I’m an organizing nut. My favorite store is not a clothing store, or a shoe store. My favorite store is the Container Store. And, I LOVE novel ways to repurpose items to create practical and inexpensive organizers for the home or classroom. This article shares so many new ideas that I’ve not seen anywhere before. Check it out! These are great.

Angry teens need proactive classroom management

Motivate Your Students By Helping Them Own Their Behavior

We live in a culture of blame. Everything is someone else’s fault. This idea is reinforced by television, media, and what we see in the news. Frivolous lawsuits, high insurance rates; everything is someone else’s fault. One of the things that kids struggle with is taking ownership for their own behavior.

On the Same Page: Teachers and Paraprofessionals Communicating Effectively

Paraprofessionals Communicating Effectively: Here are some discussion questions to get you started.