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Yes These Five Steps Will Help Your Students Learn Faster!

How to Have a Better Memory

Learn what every teacher should know about helping students have better memory, comprehension, and test success! These five steps will help your students learn faster because they incorporate non-linguistic representation (that’s visuals in research jargon) into instruction!

Three Easy Ways to Avoid Homework Anxiety

So much information is available on the topic of homework. It’s difficult to break the information down into manageable, useful chunks that make sense. If we consider where to START when it comes to homework, start with the homework environment. What goes on around us while doing homework, study, reading, or any activity that requires concentration, can significantly impact our ability to focus. So, here are three starter tips to avoid homework anxiety.

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Angry Children – Angry Teens – How to Talk to Angry Youth

Angry Children – Angry Teens – How to Talk to Angry Youth is a challenge with which many of us struggle. Angry youth are increasingly posing challenges for parents and teachers. Dealing with angry youth is critical for emotional health.
Here’s one powerful solution in starting that conversation with an angry student or an angry child.

Strategies to Support Student Success in Test Taking: Recall and Recognition, and More

Once we have stored information in long-term memory, it’s filed away by the brain. There are two ways to access that information: recall and recognition.

Books Worth Reading: How People with Autism Grieve, and How to Help

The book is an honest, first-hand account of how people with autism grieve when they lose someone in their life. Unlike the non-autistic response, people with autism, when faced with overwhelming or stressful situations, will favour solitude over sharing their emotions, tend to focus on special interests, and become extremely logical, often not expressing any emotion