Articles on Response to Intervention
Fitzell Acceleration Centers- A Co-teaching Model

10 Expert Tips to Accelerate Learning With Station Teaching

While using station teaching or acceleration centers as an approach to co-teaching is often very successful for both teachers and students, it is important to use this approach correctly. To help those co-teachers already using, or thinking about implementing, an acceleration center approach in their classroom, here are:

Three Affordable Ways to Get Individualized Professional Development and Learn Valuable Teaching Strategies

Who Else Wants to Get Individualized Professional Development and Learn Valuable Teaching Strategies to Meet State Licensing Goals? Like many […]

Movement increases learning

Vocabulary Interventions for Really Terrific Instruction (RTI)

Many students who may need a vocabulary intervention are Bodily-Kinesthetic learners, meaning they learn through their bodies and they need to “move” their bodies in order to learn at their highest potential.

A Memory Strategy; Chunking, Processing, and Paraphrasing

Many students with learning disabilities struggle with memory deficit issues. Primarily, they forget information they need to do well on tests or to do the higher-level thinking required for problem solving, analysis, and synthesis. For example, students who struggle to remember the details of a story can’t draw inferences from those details because they don’t […]

top 8 mistakes to effective lecture

Top 8 Mistakes That Doom Effective Lecture Delivery

If you are going to direct teach, sometimes still referred to as lecture, one of the best ways to do it well is to identify the mistakes made during ineffective lectures and steer clear of them. Here is a list of the top eight mistakes that can keep you from an effective lecture delivery.