Articles on Response to Intervention

A Memory Strategy; Chunking, Processing, and Paraphrasing

Many students with learning disabilities struggle with memory deficit issues. Primarily, they forget information they need to do well on tests or to do the higher-level thinking required for problem solving, analysis, and synthesis. For example, students who struggle to remember the details of a story can’t draw inferences from those details because they don’t […]

top 8 mistakes to effective lecture

Top 8 Mistakes That Doom Effective Lecture Delivery

If you are going to direct teach, sometimes still referred to as lecture, one of the best ways to do it well is to identify the mistakes made during ineffective lectures and steer clear of them. Here is a list of the top eight mistakes that can keep you from an effective lecture delivery.

Motivate Your Students By Helping Them Own Their Behavior

We live in a culture of blame. Everything is someone else’s fault. This idea is reinforced by television, media, and what we see in the news. Frivolous lawsuits, high insurance rates; everything is someone else’s fault. One of the things that kids struggle with is taking ownership for their own behavior.

Keys to Success

The Seven Keys to Successful RTI

There are a number of things that teachers can do to implement RTI (Really Terrific Instruction) in their classrooms that will help to inspire and motivate all learners in their classrooms. These seven (7) tips offer some great insights into how to start making good things happen in your classroom and for your students.

Proven Tips, Tools and Strategies To Teach English Language Learners, Part. 1

Here are some strategies that will be helpful in supporting the ELL (English Language Learners) students in your classroom, starting first with some broad guidelines for working with ELL students and then offering some targeted instructional strategies to improve reading, writing. and comprehension skills.

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