Articles on Response to Intervention

12 Ways to Respond to Students’ Needs While Making Progress Together

When students in your classroom are not progressing at the same rate or better as their peers, supplement their learning with researched based strategies that increase achievement. These are also Tier Two interventions for Response to Intervention.

Nine Critical Steps to RTI

Establish an RTI team made up of teacher leaders representing a cross section of staff. Buy-in comes when vocal teacher leaders are on board.

Flexible Group Learning

Research indicates that cooperative learning increases achievement.

Fitzell Acceleration Centers

Imagine a dynamic classroom learning environment where traditional lectures and lessons are enhanced by additional projects and activities, aligned to standards.

12 Things to Consider When Implementing RTI in Secondary Schools

It is important to understand that the roles of both general and special education teachers change when RTI is implemented. Students that may have previously been assigned to special education will now be in the general classroom and need differentiated instruction. Depending on how your secondary school implements RTI, general education teachers may need to be trained in techniques that support more targeted instruction. Special education teachers, on the other hand, may find that they now need to team teach in a general education setting or provide professional development for their general education colleagues.