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Collaboration, Proficiency & Inclusion

We are pleased to offer a wide variety of keynotes, seminars, and consulting specifically targeted to the needs of your teaching staff. We customize every presentation or consult to the audience, based on our conversations with the client.

Also, we are so committed to meeting your needs we offer a variety of solutions to fit your budget. Please contact us today and let us put the right program together for you!

Co-teaching and Collaboration: Strategies to Exceed Standards in the Differentiated Classroom

Intended audiences: Principals, Paraprofessionals, General Education Teachers, Co-teaching Teams, Special Education Teachers, English Language Teachers, Special Education Needs (SEN)

Format: Workshop – 45 to 360 minutes (Shorter programs will focus on YOUR specific needs)

This strategy-packed seminar will provide general education teachers, special educators and other specialists involved with collaboration in the general classroom with practical, easy-to-integrate, proven techniques for making a co-taught inclusive classroom successful. A multitude of ideas will be presented that will help all of students be more productive and successful in the content areas. Participants will discover realistic options for taking co-teaching up a level through data-driven grouping strategies, station teaching and efficient time management. Strategies are specifically targeted to general education teachers as well as special education needs, gifted learners and English language learners.

The seminar’s focus will be on maximizing the skills of each co-teacher or specialist, managing time and chunking lesson plans® to increase targeted instructional time through tried and true, best practice co-teaching techniques. Teachers often say, “Show me what it looks like!” This session includes multiple video-taped examples of co-teaching in action. See Co-teaching in action through un-rehearsed video footage that includes multiple examples of co-teaching in real classrooms in each of the core content areas. These successful co-teaching pairs that overcame obstacles to make the co-teach their marriages work.

  • Discover a lesson-planning approach that maximizes instructional time, creates options for multilevel instruction, incorporates standards, and utilizes the skills of all adults in the classroom
  • Explore realistic options for general and special education teachers to work together successfully to maximize student learning through data-driven grouping strategies, differentiated instruction and efficient time management
  • Build a powerful success model to help your students with special needs meet and exceed rigorous state standards

Differentiated Instruction Strategy Blast!

Intended audiences: Principals, Paraprofessionals, General Education Teachers, Co-teaching Teams, Special Education Teachers, English Language Teachers, Special Education Needs (SEN)

Format: Workshop – 45 to 360 minutes (Shorter programs will focus on YOUR specific needs)

This workshop has also been titled “Special Needs in the General Classroom: How Do We Make It Work?” and “Successful Inclusion Strategies and Techniques for Differentiating Curricula to Meet I.E.P. Requirements,” among other things. This program explores the ways that the brain learns and discusses a variety of brain-based, research supported, “implement tomorrow” strategies that will help teachers reach ALL the learners in their classrooms including gifted, English language learners and students with special needs. The strategies and techniques in this program can be used to support your school or district’s differentiation initiatives, common-core implementation, or Response to Intervention requirements. If you want your teachers to realize increased achievement for their students, this program is the first step!

Susan presents a smorgasbord of strategies that are simple, common sense, and effective. Discover how to keep learners engaged, to help students with organization and memorization, increase critical thinking skills, and make learning fun and meaningful. All strategies are based on solid educational theory and current research. Leave with successful strategies that differentiate instruction, and motivate ALL students, especially students with special needs in the general classroom. Gain proven, easy to implement research-based techniques that make teaching more efficient by reducing the need to re-teach, motivating the hard to reach learner and promoting responsiveness to instruction.

Intended audiences: Principals, Paraprofessionals, General Education Teachers, Co-teaching Teams, Special Education Teachers, English Language Teachers, Special Education Needs Special Education Needs (SEN)

Format: Workshop – 360 Minutes

Participants will leave this workshop with realistic strategies to foster memory in the classroom for all learners and to bypass memory difficulties for students with special needs and learning difficulties. We will discuss concrete instructional strategies that assist students with special needs, at-risk learners as well as average test performers in the general classroom while improving short and long term memory. From reading recall and retention to the effects of anxiety on working memory, this session provides teachers with tools that address memory-related issues, allowing them more time to provide rich instruction that reaches all learners, especially students with special education needs.

Strategies are immediately useful and practical. Learn hands-on methods that realistically target student memory deficits and learning challenges. Multiple approaches allow teachers to address a wide range of abilities while maximizing instruction time.

Paraprofessionals And Teachers Working Together in the General Classroom

Intended audiences: Paraprofessionals, General Education Teachers, Special Education Teachers, and Special Education Needs (SEN)
Format: Workshop – 360 Minutes

This workshop develops an understanding of the potential benefits of collaboration and defines approaches to achieving those benefits. Additionally practical, proven strategies for overcoming common roadblocks to effective collaboration are presented.

Paraprofessionals assigned to support students with disabilities in the general education classroom have one of the most important jobs in schools today. Whether they serve as one-to-one support for specific students or as overall classroom assistants, they have a critical role in making inclusion effective for their students. This strategy-packed seminar will provide paraprofessionals as well as general and special education teachers with practical, easy-to-integrate, proven techniques for making inclusion successful. A wealth of ideas will be presented that will help all of your students be more productive in the content area. The seminar’s focus will be on introducing practical strategies that have been proven successful when working with students with special needs in inclusive or general education classrooms.

  • Gain practical strategies, tools, forms, and tips for defining paraprofessional roles, collecting data, as well as cueing strategies for tests and quizzes, and more!
  • Identify meaningful and effective resources to recognize personality types and determine how to collaborate with opposite & varied personality types
  • Implement proactive ways for paraprofessionals to prevent discipline problems and positive ways to deal with challenging behavior when it occurs
  • Leave with a multitude of proven practical strategies to effectively and efficiently adapt coursework, homework and study assignments to meet IEP, RTI and 504 requirements and increase student academic achievement for all students including students with special education needs.

Response to Intervention (RTI) Strategies

Intended audiences: Principals, Teachers, ParaProfessionals, and Special Education Needs (SEN)
Format: Workshop – 360 Minutes

This seminar can be adapted for all grade levels

Response to Intervention (RTI) is an exciting differentiation model that schools and districts may opt to use as a new way of meeting students’ needs earlier and more quickly. This seminar is designed to show you how RTI can be implemented effectively and efficiently at all grade levels.

This seminar will help alleviate the fear and confusion surrounding RTI, especially at the secondary level, by providing practical, classroom-tested techniques for Tiers I, II and III as well as user-friendly materials that can be implemented immediately in your classroom. You will receive many simple, straight forward, and effective strategies, best practices, and classroom-proven tips to enhance the success of all your students including students with special education needs.

How Can School & Home Develop Motivation and Success for Youth?

Preferred Program Length: 1 1/2 hrs to 2 hours
Target Audience: General classroom teachers, special educators, and parents, or anyone who wants to learn how to motivate youth
Grade-Level Appropriateness: All grade levels

Give your students the priceless gifts of empowerment, accountability, and motivation to tackle any learning challenge. Learn practical strategies today and implement them in your curriculum tomorrow. Gain answers to your questions:

  • How do you motivate the unmotivated?
  • How to empower students to reach their goals?
  • Strategies to promote motivation?
  • How to make homework fun?

Train-the-Trainer and Professional Development Kits

Many schools and districts today are looking for ways to maximize the return on the time and money spent for professional development. We have always worked hard to provide programs that have a positive lasting effect and provide growth opportunities that carry over into practice, long after the “training day.” Our latest efforts, at the request of our customers, are our professional development book study kits.

Originally developed as a stand-alone, self-guided, graduate credit course, these programs have evolved into a facilitated, on-site, train-the-trainer program that has become very popular with schools and districts interested in training key staff to mentor and support other staff.

We are currently offering these program “kits” for two of our most popular books:

If you are looking for a professional development solution that extends beyond the reach of a one day seminar, this may be the program for you! These offerings are so big that they each have their own page, so click on the links above and let us know how we can help you.

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