Susan Fitzell, M.Ed., CSP

Bridging the Learning Gap

Susan Fitzell, M. Ed., CSP, is a dynamic, nationally recognized presenter and coach. She's the author of over a dozen books for teachers and parents. She is the founder of AimHi Educational Programs, LLC, a consulting company, and Cogent Catalyst Publications.

She launched the firms in 2001 after a successful career teaching. Today, Susan works side by side with teachers and administrators, as a coach and trainer. She works with corporate clients giving her insight on how to get students "future ready".

Independent Consultant - You get Susan not staff!

As an independent consultant, Susan works with schools and districts according to her own high standards. She offers the personalization, continuity, and consistency necessary for true change. Trust and relationship are critical to the change process. Working with an independent consultant allows the educator/consultant relationship to develop. Schools don't have to wonder who is going to show up "the next time." It's always Susan.

Coaches Using Her Positive Approach Model

Susan has built a reputation as a coach who motivates and inspires educators to grow. She shows educators how to make positive changes that take their teaching to the next level.

Susan is quick to establish rapport with her clients. She sees the big picture, focuses on the challenges, and identifies the solutions needed to raise student achievement. Susan offers customized, personal attention to each individual campus and classroom.

Administrators are the key to school success. So, Susan makes supporting school leadership an integral part of the change process.

Strategies that Increase Achievement for ALL Students

Susan’s straight forward, common sense approach, and her practical, research-based, strategies yield positive, measurable results. She shows her clients how to incorporate practical, effective, techniques that increase achievement for ALL students. Susan knows what works for schools to see growth in their subgroups. She teaches brain-based, differentiated instruction and inclusive co-teaching. Her exclusive, "The HOW of Co-teaching TM" implementations show schools HOW to co-teach.

Brings 30 Years of Experience to the Table

As a seasoned educator, she employs a holistic approach addressing challenges. She understands the challenges teachers face every day and teachers relate! Susan speaks from experience!

As a mother, teacher, and martial artist, Susan has over two decades of experience identifying and meeting the needs of youth. Her expertise with reaching students with special needs, and special populations is extensive.

She builds caring, inclusive school communities that help students and teachers succeed!

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