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Podcast: Teamwork and Neurodiversity

What is a neurodiverse team? In this episode, international speaker, author, and learning coach Susan Fitzell explains what neurodiversity is and why it is today’s corporate differentiator, and how companies can implement neurodiversity within their teams. Listen now!

Learning Tips For Multiple Intelligences

The Neurodiversity Movement Finds a Friend in Microsoft, But Tough Questions About Employment Lie Ahead

On the morning of June 6, 2017, over 200 neurodiversity advocates from around the country gathered at the Microsoft campus in Mountain View, WA for the “Neurodiversity in the High Tech Workforce” conference.
Fox & Hounds

Podcast: Learn Fast and Achieve More in your Career

Can you learn fast and achieve more? Our guest today knows you can! In today’s episode Susan shares her Top 10 Tips on how to learn fast and achieve more in your career, from using tech that increases your learning efficiency and saves you time to making sure to take time to reflect on what you’ve learned. She also gives us some incredible learning hacks!

15 Entrepreneurs Reveal What They Do to Continually Improve as a CEO
15 Entrepreneurs Reveal What They Do to Continually Improve as a CEO

Self-improvement should be part of every CEO’s growth strategy.

Podcast: How to Learn Faster and Create More Content

Do you need help with maximizing your talents to build your business and achieve entrepreneurial success? In this episode of the Content Cash Machine podcast, Susan Fitzell joins Danielle to share tips on how to learn faster as well as tips for content creation.

8 everyday tasks you could be outsourcing

These days almost any odd job can be outsourced at a reasonable price. In fact, many folks nowadays find that the cost of outsourcing tasks is worth it if they can save themselves some time and tedium…
The Week

Top 27 Tips for Home Office Setup

We’ll highlight the top tips for creating a home office you’ll love.
Fit Small Business

CSP Speaker Susan Fitzell

21 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Use Their Blog for Business

Rescue a CEO asked some businesses how they use blogging to help their business.
Rescue a CEO

17 Ways Extremely Busy Entrepreneurs Wind Down

These smart small-business owners have all learned how to step back and recharge.


I Spend Money to Save Time:

8 People Dish on the Everyday Tasks They Outsource


Tips From the Tarmac

We checked in with women on the move to find out some of their secrets of survival on the road.


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