Neurodiversity: What it is and Why it’s Your Team’s Superpower

Invisible Diversity: Neurodiversity

In this engaging, Interactive, presentation, Susan Fitzell reveals how teams may, more effectively, champion neurodiversity, equity and inclusion to increase innovation, productivity, and creativity.

This program is customized for your organization. I’ll interview key decision makers, team members, and invested parties.

Neurodiversity done well reaps significant benefits. Neurodiversity done poorly may backfire and kill the initiative for the foreseeable future. Do it right the first time.

Program Description

In this engaging, Interactive, presentation, Susan Fitzell reveals how teams may, more effectively, champion neurodiversity, equity and inclusion to increase innovation, productivity, and creativity.


45-60 minute keynote OR breakout session​

This program is perfect for:​

  • Senior management
  • Teams struggling with cognitive diversity and collaboration
  • Managers of under-performing teams
  • Diversity Equity Inclusion professional interested in neurodiversity in the workplace

The audience will leave with*:

  • an understanding of what neurodiversity is and why it benefits their team
  • tools and strategies for working with neurodivergent employees to increase innovation, problem solving, and efficiency
  • how workplace accommodations for neurodivergent employees benefit everyone

* This program is customized and can include additional objectives and take-aways. Susan’s expertise spans three decades. The focus is practical accommodations that are easy to implement and highly effective for everyone on the team.

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Don’t just take our word for it…

We all know we need learning organizations, and Susan takes that concept to a whole different level. She talks from a place of really understanding about learning. Imagine having a corporation where each individual knows exactly how they learn and can learn for themselves. We’d have a self-learning organization. Amazing! Susan shares her message through stories that will make you laugh, and some that challenge you. She’s very entertaining while you are being blown away by a whole new concept of the learning individual.

Claudia Gere, Literary Agent & Consultant

Susan has an uncanny ability to engage her audience and involve them in her presentation. Her seminars are as entertaining as they are informative.

Mark Ita, Admin/Human Resources, Costco Travel
Susan was able to engage her audience in diverse, practical and effective recommendations on writing blogs, articles and books. Susan’s expertise, professionalism and creativity placed her on top of my list of one of the best speakers in the industry. I wholeheartedly recommend Susan, if you want to optimize your performance in business, writing or education.
Frowa Schuitemaker, Veenendaal, Utrecht Province, Netherlands
Recently Susan spoke for a select audience of the Professional Speakers Association Holland. As founder and first president of this organisation I can state that it was a great privilege to listen to her wise insights and rich content. Also in the aftersales she impressed me. After she returned home, she took effort in sending me suggestions to further progress in life. I certainly recommend her as your next speaker.
Hans Ruinemans, Amsterdam Area, Netherlands

Praise for Susan. She spoke at our PSA Holland Chapter and inspired me to start writing a book. Not only in an energetic way, but she gave us all the tools how to make it work. Funny, Hands On, Professional. She is a pro, well prepared and knows how to interact with her audience.

Nienke Bloem CCXP, Utrecht Area, Netherlands

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