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According to LinkedIn's 2019 Workforce Learning Report, 94% of employees stay longer when their company invests in helping them learn! Retention of valued employees is an increasing and expensive problem. In addition, the current rate of change is fueling a multitude of skill gaps in the workplace. Employees understand the importance of staying relevant. Yet, learning is elusive.

We commit to showing you HOW to make learning efficient, effective, and worthwhile: The HOW of Learning

Susan focuses on strengthening and motivating your talent by elevating the mindset and personalized learning that creates motivated, highly skilled teams. This is a win-win for your human talent, your organization, and your customers. Susan bridges the organizatonal learning gap by providing learning solutions that you and your team can take to the bank starting now! Who could ask for more than that?

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Susan Fitzell, M. Ed., CSP

My Why

I believe in human potential

I believe that we all have talents and with the right opportunities, tools, and nurturing, those talents will blossom and we use our gifts to better the world, positively touch the lives around us, and make a positive difference for others.

We have a "Gifts Mindset"

I believe in challenging others' expectations of us, others' rules for how we should live, and the limitations others' try to impose on us so be the best version of ourselves.

My How

The way I challenge others' expectations is to provoke reflection by presenting counter viewpoints, other perspectives, different ways to view the rules we live by through my writing and professional speaking.

I go beyond the theory by providing practical, research based methods and strategies that allow people to show what they know without being hindered by their perceived limitations.

I show them how to use tools at their disposal to maximize their abilities. These tools might be metacognitive, technological, attitudinal, physical (things to fidgit with or standing stations).

Clients learn how to be productive, efficient, and effective when using those tools.

My What

I share 'the how' through my books, presentations, webinars, and coaching.**

If you are the type of leader who believes that people can rise to reach their potential, then... Up your game. Talk to Susan

More Info

Don’t just take our word for it…

Susan Fitzell is an outstanding presenter and a great speaker. She is clear and engaging. I have seen few people with her ability to effectively work a large crowd. She is able to connect to a diverse audience. She engaged professional staff and pare-educators equally well by presenting material that was relevant to each employee’s every day work life. She is very empathetic and relates well to the audience. She is one of the few presenters I have seen that teaches about active instruction and actually models it in her own work.

Dean S. T. Cascadden, Superintendent
Bow School District

We all know we need learning organizations, and Susan takes that concept to a whole different level. She talks from a place of really understanding about learning. Imagine having a corporation where each individual knows exactly how they learn and can learn for themselves. We’d have a self-learning organization. Amazing! Susan shares her message through stories that will make you laugh, and some that challenge you. She’s very entertaining while you are being blown away by a whole new concept of the learning individual.

Claudia Gere, Literary Agent & Consultant

Since your seminar, we have implemented many of your learning strategies in the areas of classroom management, creating inclusive communities, differentiated instruction, as well as many helpful teacher tools.

Julie McDonnell, Elementary Instructional Coach for Assessment and Differentiation, Rockwood School District, Eureka, MO

Fabulous speaker and presenter. Down to earth and knowledgeable. Susan presented great material that will be useful moving forward in a co-teaching or any teaching model. She was thorough and the information is meaningful.

Andrea Dougherty, Woodbury, NJ

Susan’s hands-on and relevant delivery of material and comfort with sharing personal experiences as an educator cultivated confidence in our teachers. She is very knowledgeable in each topic she presents and is more than willing to share her knowledge with the audience. She clearly loves what she does and truly cares about the educational welfare of children.

Kimberly D. Hebert, Principal
Berkley Middle School, MA

I can’t thank you enough for your enthusiasm, patience, commitment and attention to all of the details throughout the planning process. Teachers and administrators appreciated the concrete ideas, examples and the power of lively small group discussions. All were able to reflect, refresh, and replenish their instructional strategies toolbox.

Barbara A. Csicsko, Smaller Learning Community Program Coordinator, Homestead High School, Fort Wayne, IN

I have interacted with Susan Fitzell for over a decade and her professionalism and dedication stand out amongst the hundreds of presenters I have worked with over the years.
Susan’s passion for the topics she speaks on is very evident. Through sharing her experiences and providing strategies to teachers, she instills confidence and inspires participants to make changes that benefit students.

Lori Langlois, M.Ed., Associate Executive Director
North Country Education Services, NH

I was fortunate to work with Susan as she helped us to implement the co-teaching model in our classrooms. Susan provided high quality, sustained, whole-staff training in differentiation strategies and strategies for promoting successful co-teaching instructional team building. With Susan’s instructional help and consistent classroom coaching support, we were able to make our Adequate Yearly Progress (A.Y.P.) target goals in reading and math for the first time in the history of our school.

Brent Williams, Principal
North Lenoir High School, LaGrange, NC

Susan has an uncanny ability to engage her audience and involve them in her presentation. Her seminars are as entertaining as they are informative.

Mark Ita, Bureau of Education Research

Susan, thank you so much for that wonderful co-teaching workshop! The cooperating teachers and pre-service teachers both learned a lot of strategies for coexisting in the classroom this year.

Jasmine Marshall, Rutgers University

Susan was an amazing presenter. She was open to discussion and personable. The content was superb and I walked away with several takeaways that were easy to implement. I would recommend this presenter to anyone!

Jillian Duval, East Norwich, NY
Susan Fitzell’s workshops are by far the most superior I have ever attended. You can feel the energy level and excitement in the room. The information and the strategies she presents are very beneficial for all students.
Nancy Price, Director of Special Education
Fayette County Schools, WV
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