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How can we stop school shootings?

An active shooter on school grounds is every parent’s worst nightmare. Here is what to know about school safety and how you can help your school maintain a safe environment.


How to keep pupils motivated

One of the biggest challenges in an educational environment is to keep children on task. Getting the right balance is key to improving the abilities and skill set of children both inside and outside of the classroom.

CSP Speaker Susan Fitzell

Coaching Co-Teachers to Successful Partnerships

My initial training on how to coach teachers came from my mentor, the late Dr. Mike Mezzocchi. There are three truisms that he shared with me that I never forgot and have carried with me through every coaching relationship.

co-teaching planning is critical

Questions on Co-Teaching

…it seems that co-teaching has evolved to the more common scenario of a regular ed teacher and a special ed teacher, sharing the classroom education equally.
The Educator’s Room


Two High School Teachers May Be Better Than One

Splitting teaching duties can reach kids at different levels and prevent teacher burnout, experts say.

Umm… Studying? What’s That?

A book co-written by a teen, for teens, about how to study productively and effectively
The New Hampshire Chronicle


The Truth About Girls and Boys:

Authors, educators question gender-based stereotypes


5 Questions to Ask About High School Laptop, Tablet Initiatives

Are teachers prepared to use devices in the classroom?


Is RTI dead?

The Truth about Its Future and Student Achievement



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