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Organizations hire Susan because she's an organizational learning strategist with over 30 years experience in teaching people HOW to LEARN .

Why? She designs customized learning programs for future thinking leaders and their employees. Her strategies increase engagement and motivation so that organizations stay competitive!

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No Employees Left Behind: How to Up-skill and Re-skill All Employees

Ready. Set. Go! The race for organizations to stay competitive and keep up with the ever- increasing rate of change has opened the gates to up-skilling and re-skilling the workforce. While HR and organizational development professionals have a variety of choices and resources available to them, sometimes it is difficult to hone-in on the right tools, technologies and techniques, especially since a one-size fits all model doesn’t work. With this in mind, the most important question to ask is: How can managers zero in on the right learning solution to get the best out of their people? And the answer comes from recognizing learning solutions aren’t effective unless those responsible for this key initiative understand the learning processes and styles of each and every employee and how to use that knowledge not only to up-skill and re-skill but to retain and motivate ongoing professional development throughout the organization.

Audience Take-aways:

  • A thorough understanding of learning solution options and which ones work best under specific circumstances
  • An explanation of the various learning styles and how to apply them in the workplace
  • How to maximize the experience of agile learners as well as the learners who need more support
  • Strategies and tactics related to what managers can do to help employees keep up with the rate of change
  • The role of employee growth opportunities and how to prepare employees for stretch assignments
  • How to maximize the experience and skill sets of long-term employees
  • The impact of empowerment in learning new skills
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Additional Available Topics: Presentations, Workshops, & Customized Keynotes:

Neurodiversity: What it is and Why it’s Your Team’s Superpower

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How Leaders Can Promote Learning Agility Within Their Teams

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Straight Talk: What it Takes to Learn and Stay Competitive – The HOW of Learning – Do it or Die Strategies

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What Your Employees Are Hiding

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We all know we need learning organizations, and Susan takes that concept to a whole different level. She talks from a place of really understanding about learning. Imagine having a corporation where each individual knows exactly how they learn and can learn for themselves. We’d have a self-learning organization. Amazing! Susan shares her message through stories that will make you laugh, and some that challenge you. She’s very entertaining while you are being blown away by a whole new concept of the learning individual.

Claudia Gere, Literary Agent & Consultant

Susan has an uncanny ability to engage her audience and involve them in her presentation. Her seminars are as entertaining as they are informative.

Mark Ita, Admin/Human Resources, Costco Travel

Susan was an amazing presenter. She was open to discussion and personable. The content was superb and I walked away with several takeaways that were easy to implement. I would recommend this presenter to anyone!

Jillian Duval, East Norwich, NY

“08:29:27 From Bernadette… to Everyone: Really interesting topic and brilliantly presented. Thank you, Susan”

Bernadette, Virtual Program Participant

“08:25:10 from Harit… to Everyone: Love this topic!! Totally agree Susan, to be truly inclusive all idea must be welcomed, even if those idea challenge the ‘norms.” We can’t be innovative without this diversity in thinking.”

Harit, Virtual Keynote Participant

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