Susan’s Testimonials

“We all know we need learning organizations, and Susan takes that concept to a whole different level. She talks from a place of really understanding about learning. Imagine having a corporation where each individual knows exactly how they learn and can learn for themselves. We’d have a self-learning organization. Amazing! Susan shares her message through stories that will make you laugh, and some that challenge you. She’s very entertaining while you are being blown away by a whole new concept of the learning individual.”

– Claudia Gere, 
Literary Agent & Consultant

“Susan’s expertise, professionalism and creativity placed her on top of my list of one of the best speakers in the industry. I wholeheartedly recommend Susan, if you want to optimize your performance in business, writing or education.” , Veenendaal, Utrecht Province,

– Frowa Schuitemaker, 
Veenendaal, Utrecht Province, Netherlands

“08:29:27 From Bernadette… to Everyone: Really interesting topic and brilliantly presented. Thank you, Susan”

“08:25:10 from Harit… to Everyone: Love this topic!! Totally agree Susan, to be truly inclusive all idea must be welcomed, even if those idea challenge the ‘norms.” We can’t be innovative without this diversity in thinking.”

“Susan has an uncanny ability to engage her audience and involve them in her presentation. Her seminars are as entertaining as they are informative.”

– Mark Ita
Bureau of Education Research

“I could only attend one day of the Convention this year, but I’m glad it was Saturday! I thought your session was marvelous. I loved your ‘hot’ opening, and you did a brilliant job of weaving stories into your content.”

– Mike Schmidtmann
National Convention, 2015

“Susan was an amazing presenter. She was open to discussion and personable. The content was superb and I walked away with several take-aways that were easy to implement. I would recommend this presenter to anyone!”

– Jillian Duval
East Norwich, NY

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