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Susan Fitzell

The Strategy Lady - Doing More with Less

What does Susan Fitzell, M.Ed., CSP, Do?

Susan has been consulting, writing, and presenting since 1993 and has spent more than 20 years onsite in organizations throughout the United States working hand in hand with business and education leaders, teachers, and employees helping them to embrace change and increase productivity, learning, and problem solving to reach their goals.

An author of over a dozen books, she's a dynamic, internationally recognized speaker as well as an innovative change agent, compassionate coach, and effective productivity & learning expert. After working with Susan, clients are more efficient, productive, and effective.

She’s earned a black belt in kickboxing and is a student of kung fu. Her family prides themselves in being geeks and her two adult children have both earned degrees in mechanical engineering using the strategies that she shares with her clients.

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Effective leadership, plus acceleration of the brain power in your school or business, increases performance, productivity, proficiency and inclusivity. Susan common sense MacGyver approach helps organizations concerned about change management and performance by using simple, easy to implement brain-based techniques and strategies.

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