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Boost Your Co-teaching Strategies!

Rock your Co-teaching models! Maximize teacher strengths and identify the best roles and responsibilities for each professional

Best Practices in Co-teaching & Collaboration - Buy Now!

Best Practices in Co-teaching and Collaboration

The HOW of Co-teaching – Implementing the Co-teaching Models

Why should you buy this book? This book is very different than any other on the market:

  1. It’s filled with new, effective, updated co-teaching approaches and clear implementation methods. Now, more than ever, we teach an increasingly diverse student population, including students with disabilities or other special needs. Our challenge is meeting the needs of all our students, without neglecting any of them. One of the most effective ways to accomplish this goal is to partner professionals in the classroom through co-teaching.
  2. You’ll find dozens of practical tips, including new ideas for implementing the co-teaching models, collaborative lesson planning, efficient use of precious class time, and dealing with a wide range of student ability levels in the classroom.
  3. Included are necessary tools, lists and forms that guide you through the process of implementing co-teaching models that work at all levels.
  4. Gain tips for optimizing your time and laying the groundwork for effective collaboration and increased rigor!
Best Practices in Co-teaching & Collaboration - Buy Now!

  Take Your Co-teaching Up a Level!

  • Up-to-date co-teaching models with current practices and variations to strengthen your co-taught classroom
  • Maximize the strengths of your collaborative teaching teams
  • Learn how to incorporate specialized instruction into co-teaching models
  • Discover Practical Ideas for Managing Time and Schedules with Susan's exclusive "Chunking Lesson Plans®" productivity strategy

Explore New Ways to Implement the Co-teaching Models!

For more than two decades, I’ve worked hand in hand with teachers in classrooms throughout the USA helping them implement co-teaching models.  We’ve worked together to find solutions to questions like:

  • How do we find the time to use co-teaching models and differentiate instruction and still cover the content?
  • How do I work with a co-teacher who is not an expert in the content area so that students benefit?
  • How do I maintain academic rigor and not lose struggling students?
  • How do I ensure that my students receive the services they should as part of co-teaching without pulling them aside and stigmatizing them?
  • How should my co-teaching partner and I divide responsibilities, whether for preparation or actual teaching?

I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t in an inclusive, co-taught classroom. My mission is to support your success, while pointing out the pitfalls to avoid, through my books, seminars, and coaching.


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“Susan Fitzell is an outstanding presenter and a great speaker. She is clear and engaging. I have seen few people with her ability to effectively work a large crowd. She is able to connect to a diverse audience. She engaged professional staff and pare-educators equally well by presenting material that was relevant to each employee’s every day work life. She is very empathetic and relates well to the audience. She is one of the few presenters I have seen that teaches about active instruction and actually models it in her own work.” – Dean S. T. Cascadden, Superintendent, Bow School District

“Susan’s training style and the information that she presents is absolutely timely, relevant, user-friendly and EFFECTIVE! imply put, Susan’s trainings provide information in a way that is fun, memorable, useful and meaningful to anyone who wants to improve outcomes for all types of learners.” -Lisa A. Burciaga Segura, Special Education Resource and Training Coordinator, NEREC

“I have interacted with Susan Fitzell for over a decade and her professionalism and dedication stand out amongst the hundreds of presenters I have worked with over the years. Susan’s passion for the topics she speaks on is very evident. Through sharing her experiences and providing strategies to teachers, she instills confidence and inspires participants to make changes that benefit students.” – Lori Langolis, M.Ed., Associate Executive Director, North Country Education Services, NH

“Susan’s hands-on and relevant delivery of material and comfort with sharing personal experiences as an educator cultivated confidence in our teachers. She is very knowledgeable in each topic she presents and is more than willing to share her knowledge with the audience. She clearly loves what she does and truly cares about the educational welfare of children.” – Kimberly D. Hebert, Principal, Berkley Middle School, MA

Susan’s intensive intervention and coaching services over the last three years have had a tremendous impact on student achievement in our school. With Susan’s instructional help and consistent classroom coaching support, we were able to make our Adequate Yearly Progress (A.Y.P.) target goals in reading and math for the first time in the history of our school.” – Brent Williams, Principal, North Lenoir High School, LaGrange, NC

“When the Superintendent heard Susan’s practical and empowered presentation, she made it mandatory for all of our teachers to attend. Over the course of a year and a half, we had Susan back four times. In my thirty-four years with the school district, this is the only time we have had a presenter repeat a workshop for all staff.” – Ginny Phegley, Green & Sullivan Special Education Cooperative, Linton, IN

Susan has a strong and positive ability to relate to teachers and to support and guide them with focused feedback as she becomes a member of the school’s instructional team. Susan is very good at assessing exactly what needs to be done within the school and providing focused and prioritized strategies for school-based and district-level administrators as a part of the school improvement process. – Brent Williams, Principal, North Lenoir High School, LaGrange, NC

“I was chairperson for this year’s fall conference, and Susan was one of our keynote speakers and one of our main presenters. We had a wonderful time with Susan — lots of great feedback. Her keynote was fantastic.” – Maureen Tignor, Dallas Down Syndrome Guild

“I heard about your inspiring Professional Development Workshops through the Bureau of Education and I was excited to attend. From the time I walked into the room, I was intrigued. Your presentation style and electric personality captivates the audience – small or large.” – Joy L. Tibbott, Director of Special Education,  Northern Cambria School District

“From the time you walked into the room, we were captivated by your energy and enthusiasm. Your presentation style and energetic personality held the audience’s attention and interest and empowered each workshop participant to become the best educator s/he can. Your hands-on and relevant delivery of the material and comfort with sharing your personal experiences as an educator cultivated confidence in our teachers.” – Kimberly D. Hebert, Principal, Berkley Middle School

“You indicated in the opening to your audience that you did not have all the answers, but you did have experiences where the implementation of strategies were
successful. This allowed the audience to embrace your message as you shared a mutual bond of being in the trenches!” –Chantal Lightenberg, Assistant to the Director of Special Services, Meade School District

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