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Teaching Strategies for Differentiated Learning

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Powerful Strategies to Motivate and Boost the Success of Your Struggling Learners

May 13, 2021 11:00am – 6:00pm Eastern time

Certified Virtual Presenter

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Our goal is to help you meet the challenges of teaching in an inclusive classroom. You will find teaching strategies for collaboration between special education staff and classroom teachers, as well as practical, proven teaching strategies to differentiate instruction. The focus of our work is to share teaching strategies to increase the effectiveness of your instruction, meet Individual Education Plan (IEP) requirements and personalize instruction in the general classroom without reducing rigor.

Find teaching approaches, games, activities, and examples of adaptations to help your students become more successful in the inclusive classroom in our seminars, resources books, blogs, and coaching options. These teaching strategies for differentiating learning work for ALL youth in the inclusive classroom and are critical for students with special needs.


Special Needs In The General Classroom,
500+ Strategies for Differentiating Instruction

Special Needs in the General Classroom, 500+ Strategies for Differentiating InstructionThis fresh, new, updated 3rd Edition of the best-selling “Special Needs in the General Classroom, Strategies That Make It Work” is a road map of teaching strategies to help educators create a classroom environment where ALL students can maximize their potential. Discover effective tips and tricks for motivating and engaging students in the learning process and doubling their successes while working more efficiently.

This edition offers:

  • more teaching strategies
  • expanded research
  • course work options for self-study, group-study, and academic coursework.
  • a complete toolkit of teaching strategies
  • practical, straight forward, common sense, teaching strategies

When you use teaching strategies that allow students to learn the way THEY learn, you create a win-win and both students & teachers achieve more success than they ever thought possible. Teachers replace time-consuming, ineffective teaching methods with research-based teaching and learning strategies that yield positive results.

Paperback – $29.95

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