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Accelerate Performance

Productivity, Proficiency & Inclusivity

A Dozen Mind-Expanding Strategies to Increase Brain Capacity!

Keynotes, Workshops & Consulting

Susan's keynotes and workshops are interactive, content rich, dynamic presentations. She customizes to meet her clients' needs to ensure relevance to the client organizations' dynamics.

Featured Program:
Take the Typing Out of Writing to Grow Your Business

Growing your business through content marketing is a lot about writing: blogs, posts, tweets, articles, etc. Does the idea of sitting at a keyboard for hours while you struggle to find the right words to write close to torture? This session is about stopping writers’ procrastination NOW!

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Learning Tips For Multiple Intelligences

Using Practical Strategies based on Brain Research and Real Life Experience to Accelerate Performance & Implement Change


Performance Management


Put the performance back into performance management while developing employees and managers into effective leaders and change agents.

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Change Management & Learning


Tailor information delivery to a diverse workforce with a minimum investment of time while accelerating talent development through brain-based learning strategies.


Diversity and Inclusivity


Capitalize on your teams’ diversity by creating a work environment that celebrates individual strengths & talents while supporting the square peg who may not fit in the round hole.

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Effective leadership, plus acceleration of the brain power in your school or business, increases performance, productivity, proficiency and inclusivity. Susan common sense MacGyver approach helps organizations concerned about change management and performance by using simple, easy to implement brain-based techniques and strategies.

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