Even MORE Cool Classroom Storage Ideas

During a recent round of seminars, a couple of participants left me with some new classroom storage ideas for keeping things organized in their classrooms. Olivia Valencic uses a small tackle box to store markers, highlighters, sticky notes, etc. Just put it on the table and everything is right where students can find it and keep it organized.mobilestorageunit

Nancy Gallaher uses Wikki Stix in her classroom and recommends toothbrush holders as great storage devices.

A colleague of mine uses a clear plastic shoe bag to store all kinds of things from calculators to markers or erasers.

Another creative double-duty solution is to use children’s socks for white board erasers. They put the sock on their hand to erase the board!¬†After students are done using the marker, put the marker in the sock and then put the board and sock in a ziplock bag.

For more budget friendly options, visit Oriental Trading for some colorful storage solutions.

How do you keep things organized in your classroom?

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