Motivating vs Enabling: How to Motivate Students When They are Stuck

Motivating vs Enabling: How to Motivate Students When They are Stuck. First, understand Mimicking vs. Being Forced to Think: In order to internalize new material, you have to make yourself think about what you are supposed to do. You might get it wrong, but at least you're getting your brain and those neural connections working, and that gets it into your memory, a little bit at a time. If we help youth through every process, they won't know how to do it on their own afterwards. It's really hard as a parent or teacher, especially when working with a student who struggles, to walk away and let them sort the learning out. But we must let them practice, so that they learn and remember.

How to Talk to Angry Children and Teens

Angry Children - Angry Teens - How to Talk to Angry Youth is a challenge with which many of us struggle. Angry youth are increasingly posing challenges for parents and teachers. Dealing with angry youth is critical for emotional health. Here's one powerful solution in starting that conversation with an angry student or an angry child.

Technology Tools for Teachers

Portable software runs from a USB flash drive or SD card and is completely independent of the system that it Technology Tools for Teachers runs on. This allows you, the user, to use the programs that you need without installing anything on the host system. The tools below are a few of the tools that we've found that support Susan's brain-based teaching strategies with free, portable, and web-based software solutions.

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