The Shocking Truth About Educational Labels and How To Teach All Students!

At the heart of all the theories, ideas, and different labels; regardless of the vernacular, what we're really talking about is adjusting our teaching to respect the way our students learn. It's about employing strategies that have been proven to work, and adjusting the way we offer learning, based upon the feedback we receive from constant progress monitoring. Ultimately, it is about applying What I like to refer to as Really Terrific Instruction.

Danger! How Assuming That Students Understand Our Words Fails Them

it is important that we, as teachers, especially those of us who work with kids with special needs or learning disabilities, don’t assume anything about what they know. Assuming that students understand our words is a path for failure with our students. Their home lives and experiences are often very different from ours, and we need to be mindful of that if we are to give them the best possible learning experience in our classrooms.

How To Renew Vigor And Energy While Studying

To me there is no reason that I, or a student, should have to remain sitting when working or studying. Sitting when uncomfortable, or when just plain tired of sitting, could actually be more distracting to your student, and those around her, than moving around. In fact, motion is a very useful study tool! Movement oxygenates the brain and involves a deeper part of your brain in the memory process.

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