Bullying by Exclusion: He Says, “She Says I Can’t Play!”

Bullying by Exclusion - social exclusion: help kids work towards solutions to exclusion with a clear understanding of the issue. Well, I had an experience that brought this awareness about bullying home to me at a “kid” level. I find that it is difficult to even admit my feelings and write about them, because of the many messages I received all my life that “these feelings are petty, silly, not valid.”

The Power of Saying, "I’m Sorry"

It's really easy to call someone a bully, but it's not so easy to be called a bully yourself. We’ve all made mistakes in our lives – sometimes when we were kids and didn’t know better, and sometimes when we’re adults and really should. Making mistakes is part of being human, but realizing we’ve made a mistake and not doing anything about it compounds the problem.

On the Same Page: Part Two

Last week we offered some "discussion starters" and questions that teachers, and their paraprofessionals, might consider when talking about lesson plans. This week's thoughts address Instruction: Will the paraprofessional provide input into the planning process for either specific students or the cl [...]

Words that screamed, "I AM A VICTIM!"

Self-awareness and Empowerment - That memory of cruelty and abuse, compounded by many, many others witnessed in the classroom over the years, compelled me to search for a deeper understanding of who I am, what I believe in, and how I could act on those beliefs. Thus emerged my philosophy. An important way to help prevent bullying and help students stand up for themselves and others is to teach them self-awareness and empowerment.

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