The Shocking Truth About Educational Labels and How To Teach All Students!

At the heart of all the theories, ideas, and different labels; regardless of the vernacular, what we're really talking about is adjusting our teaching to respect the way our students learn. It's about employing strategies that have been proven to work, and adjusting the way we offer learning, based upon the feedback we receive from constant progress monitoring. Ultimately, it is about applying What I like to refer to as Really Terrific Instruction.

Seven Simple Ideas for Introducing Technology in the Classroom

Technology is not meant to be cumbersome, nor should it be treated as an add-on or a substitute for a regular lesson plan. Showing a movie on a day when no lesson is prepared is not what successful integration of technology in the classroom looks like. With a few easy to use tools, you can enhance your classroom instruction, be more inclusive of different learning styles and abilities, and engage students more immediately in course material.

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