#8 One Guide Tech and One Facilitate Discussion – The HOW of Co-teaching

In this implementation of the co-teaching models, one co-teacher presents instruction and leads discussion based on student real-time responses.

During the discussion, the other co-teacher monitors the computer, interacts with students, responds to student participation, uses questioning techniques to foster critical thinking, and provokes responses from even the most challenging students.

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Specialist content expertise required:
• The level of content understanding required directly correlates with the academic level of engagement with students via the technology.
• Strong content knowledge may be required to facilitate discussion.
• Co-teacher guiding technology must be comfortable with the technology and understand the apps and programs used.

Planning time required: Minimal to substantial, depending on the topic, understanding of the technology and software, and lesson objective. For instance, if using Kahootz or a game app, time is involved in creating the questions or finding ready-made games. If backchanneling, minimal prep time may be necessary. However, the time required depends on multiple factors.

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