Paraphrase Immediately to Maximize the  Power of Paraphrasing

Another strategy to enhance short-term memory so information isn’t “gone” in two seconds is to have a student paraphrase what we just taught. For example, after you’ve taught something important, ask a volunteer to paraphrase that information for the class. Most likely, your students will not relate the information in the same words you used, which will be novel to the brain.

How To Enhance Short Term Memory …In Only Seconds

This strategy only takes seconds to do, yet it lets your students hear the information again, in a different way, with a different voice. The brain likes novelty and will remember the information better.

Paraphrase One Hour Later to Reinforce Short Term Memory

Ask your students to paraphrase information that was shared earlier in the day.  When they take something you taught an hour ago and bring it back into play, it returns to short-term memory and is then pushed into working memory.  Using this paraphrasing strategy in your classrooms will help students to remember what you are teaching.

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