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Speech to Text: What’s the Benefit for Writers Whether Students or Adults?

Speech to Text is a tool for people who struggle to write. For some people, speech to text does not work because of poor enunciation. Here's a solution.

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Tips to Improve Reading Comprehension

Research shows that teaching each other, or peer teaching, is one of the most powerful ways to learn. After teaching for seven to ten minutes, give students one to three minutes to share with each other. Talking it out with a partner lets students correct misconceptions and reinforces the material by keeping it in working memory long enough to make an impact.

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12 Surefire Ways to Remember Vocabulary

Turn students into vocabulary word detectives! Change a few pictures on the word wall every day and offer prizes, like extra points or grab bag tickets, to the students who find the changes. Every day, they'll rush in to find what's changed and they'll be actively engaged with reviewing the words on a daily basis.

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Test Taking Strategies that Boost Student Scores!

Students continually face the challenge of testing during their school years. The stakes are high and while some students are natural test-takers, some struggle to show what they know on a test. Timed, standardized tests pose a significant challenge to students with learning difficulties.

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Tackling Homework – Steps Parents Can Take to Support Their Child

Observe your child's natural way of learning, use online learning style inventories, and become your child's learning style detective.

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