I’m so excited that I’ll be presenting my seminar, “Increasing the Success of Paraprofessionals and Classroom Teachers Working Together” next week in Albany, Rochester, and Ronkonkoma, NY as well as Providence, RI and Manchester, NH.

I love teaching this session! I’ll cover:

*Practical strategies, tools, forms, and tips for defining paraprofessional roles, collecting data as well as cueing strategies for tests, quizzes and more.

*Identify meaningful and effective resources to recognize personality types and determine how to collaborate with opposite and varied personality types.

*Proactive ways for paraprofessionals to prevent discipline problems and positive ways to deal with challenging behavior when it occurs.

*Proven, practical strategies to effectively and efficiently adapt coursework, homework and study assignments to meet IEP, RTI and 504 requirements and increase student academic achievement

Paraprofessionals are such a valuable part of the educational process. I know that the paras that I worked with were often my right arm, never mind my right hand.

If you are in the area of these presentations you can find more information about the sessions at www.ber.org. I would love to see you there. Let me know that you read it in my blog!