prepare students for the real worldTo prepare students for the real world, where technology and the economy are evolving every day, we must prepare them to be nimble, creative and be ready for any curve ball life might throw at them. I invite you to enjoy the following articles that will inspire you to incorporate ‘outside the box’ thinking in your classroom.

When new initiatives run into problems in our classrooms, we tend to go back to old ways. But sometimes, if we stick to something we believe in, by going through the problem solving process, your students can learn unexpected lessons. This story from Darcy Salvadore (@drcyslvdr or illustrates the value of this approach:

As technology and work continue to evolve, now more than ever, we need to teach our students creativity, flexibility and a willingness to adapt to change. John Spencer (@spencerideas or follow on Facebook) offers wonderful ideas to help your students start thinking outside the box:

To help our students to be nimble in an ever changing economy, we also need to stay flexible in how we teach in our classrooms. Cory Orlando (@CoriOrlando1 or follow on Facebook) reminds us that not every student is the same, therefore we should be flexible in our teaching strategy:

What are some of your favorite articles or resources that help students prepare for the real world? Leave your comments below!

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