My Newly Established Method Of Knowing Information Creatively

Mnemonics are a wonderfully easy way to remember information, whether it's the names of the great lakes or an important date in history.

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How to Set the Stage for Homework Success!

While even the perfect working environment cannot guarantee that a student will want to do homework, creating a better place to work can help them focus on the task at hand. Setting up such an environment at home is as easy as following these simple strategies.

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  • 12 Do-Able Homework Assignments for All Students

12 Do-Able Homework Assignments for All Students

1. Have students create a cognitive map 2. Assign each student five vocabulary words and ask them to make a visual flash card for each word....

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A Private Passion

If you believe that reclaiming the peace that humans are born with is impossible, then the reverse of this is that it IS possible.

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Technology in Education – Content Curation for Higher-Level Critical Thinking

Is "collecting" information a worthwhile endeavor during valuable classroom time? It seems the answer to that question lies in a teacher's ability to discern exactly what type of curation meets the educational objectives of the lesson. We have to look at the process of implementing technology in education as a value added activity that goes beyond collecting and classifying information under certain themes or topics.

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