Technology in Education – Organizing Research and Digital Files with Evernote

When we look at Evernote from a "technology in education" standpoint, there are many ways this tool can be useful. One can browse the web and find an interesting website that relates to research being done for an article or paper then click on the plug-in icon in the browser that will send that webpage directly to the file folder of choice in Evernote.

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  • Motivating Students with Zebecs

Motivating Students – What To Do If Your Child Is Bored At School

One of the single best ways to recognize if your child is bored at school is by how they approach their homework. This is not to say we expect them to come bouncing in the door after school, forgoing a snack and play time, joyfully opening up their backpack and their homework folder.  If that's your kid, that's pretty darn amazing!

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  • Motivating Students with Zebecs

Tips for Creating a Positive Homework Experience and Motivating Students

Here are some questions and answers about motivating students for a successful homework experience.

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Get the Wiggle Rumps Engaged

Through experience, and the many great teachers and parents who came to my rescue; I quickly learned some great tricks and ideas useful in teaching reading and sharing with children the love of reading.

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  • Teach our Children to Love to Learn

Break the Rules and Teach our Children to Love to Learn

When we embrace our children’s natural strengths and structure learning in a way that celebrates these talents, they will love to learn and ultimately become the person they were meant to be.

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